Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Recently I’ve upgraded to Huawei Honor 6 Plus (China Variant). Immediately after I bought this (CHNC00 China Variant) HH6+ first thing I did was flashing it to marshmallow (6.5.x) developer ROM.

Coming from few other Xiao Mi Devices, how  bad can developer ROM be? Boy was I wrong. The developer had 2 core ROM bugs which  was  not fixed even after 4 months. I’ve suffered with the two bugs over the past 3 months until I got the downgrade pack (Shared On XDA: )

The bugs I’ve encountered on the developer ROM are as follow:

  1. WhatsApp notification crashed after some time of usage (Not delay or slow whatsapp notification but permanently does not receive notification from the app until I restart the phone)
  2. Their phone manager had some memory editing feature which alot of games treat it as a hack and I cant login to my games most of the time.


So glad to be back on the stable b351 Lollipop ROM, but the auto call recording is not on the stable ROM only on marshmallow they have it.

Anticipating for the official stable marshmallow for Huawei Honor 6 Plus PE-TL10 CHNC00 variant.



Top Recommended Applications

1. Color Note: Probably the best note application which can be backed up easily

2. Ubersync for Facebook: This app is applicable for all brands except HTC’s as HTC’s has sense syncing which is doing a tremendous job. This will sync FB updates and users picture on phone book. Great app!

3. Waze: Save yourself much more time by avoiding congested areas!

4. Sygic GPS: Tried this application for navigation before, quite fast and reliable. Although paid version but many cracks out there!

5. Keepsafe vault: Password protect pictures that you selected for more privacy

I’ll append this list when another great app comes to mind. Do share with me your favourite app!

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No skin no shit


My android home screen :) running on cm10.1 rc1. Just wanted to share it!

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Windows Phone 8 @ Nokia Lumia 620

08/05/2013 1 comment

Windows Phone 8.0 keeps telling people that it’s time to change, but I think they are the one that suppose to change their mindset. Let me tell you how Windows Phone failed and in which area.

1. Usability: Battery is not amazing and with medium usage it will be depleted within 3/4 of a day. Not as stable as WP7.5 probably due to allowing multitasking. On several occasions the device hung and people hub even crashed before (needed to restore to factory settings to fix it). So for me its not a daily usage phone. Its like a nightly ROM for developers.

2. Performance: May be good in certain areas but fails to perform in certain important applications such as Whatsapp and facebook app. Very buggy and slow on this apps. In Malaysia, Whatsapp is quite important hence its another turn off for us. You can blame it on the developer but if they don’t want to fix it you are the one losing Microsoft. Remember its a cross-platform application and only Windows Phone has an unstable version compared to all others. Even symbian’s Whatsapp is performing better.

3. Multimedia: Yea i believe nokia / WP excel in this area. LOUD speakers by lumia devices and interesting camera’s even on the lower end Windows Phone. Anyway besides the 820 and 920 other picture quality is not that good when viewed on a computer. Quite noisy images.

4. Social Media: Well this looks fancy and the people hub rocks my world. But within first week of using the Lumia 620, the people hub crashed on me and I needed to reformat the phone to fix it. Come on, is this a development device? Why sell it when it is not stable yet.

5. Price: Yea its cheap, but trying to sell it after 1 week, I lost about 40% price of the phone. Talking about the value of the phone. Sigh.

I have purchased two Windows Phone before, Lumia 710 (WP7.5) and Lumia 620 (WP8.0) and trust me I will never want to try it ever again. Lost faith in it. Everyone is praising the Lumia 920’s camera, well now HTC One is here and it is on android platform!

<3 Thailand

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All the big brands has shown their flagship devices and all of them have their own advantages from screen to camera down to water resistance! How much have mobile phone evolved into.

Anyway the main issue is still battery. I miss my note 2 dearly due to its usability . I remembered travelling alone overseas only with the help of my mobile phone and it was an awesome experience . Hence the flagship mobile device in my heart and soul is still the note 2, until the note 3 arrives he he .

I’m still regretting switching from note 2 to lg nexus 4 but yeah aosp has its own uniqueness too.

While waiting for the note 3 I might go with the s4 , it the battery is good I will stay with it over the gargantuan 5.9inch note 3.

And oh yeah I <3 Thailand!!

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GPS: What to consider before purchasing?

20/03/2013 22 comments

From my past experiences and honest opinion these are the things to calculate before purchasing a new GPS:

1) Brand (Branded GPS usually has better hardware which will prevent unnessary stress such as GPS crashing due to overheating if charged and navigating under the hot sun. Fcuk WayWay GPS, was so pissed at it when it crashes)

2) Smoothness of UI. Not all expensive models has a better frame rate or better processor. Judge the speed with your own feel. Look for videos on Youtube or go over to the shop to have a look. Always get smoother ones as it might affect your navigation in future.

3) Map support. Don’t buy a GPS which you have no idea how to update or cant be updated with no cost. Focus on those models which has maps for it. For Malaysia focus on Garmin and Papago software as it has the most frequent map update.

4) Hardware may be in different brands, but software is always among the few. Popular ones in Malaysia are garmin and papago.

5) Google for bugs in the model you are going to purchase. Previously I purchased a garmin nuvi 1350 and the maps was unable to display the traffic light. After a year of software and maps update, it was still not fixed. Nothing we can do about it no matter how much we complain.


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Fourth Nexus :]

Been playing around with my nexus 4 this few days and am trying to improve its dreadful battery life.

Mod’s done so far:

– root to gain access to use SetCPU (underclock and undervolt the phone)

– Switch kernel to matrix v8.0 kernel.

Those interested in tweaking their phone should take a peek at:


Next I should try custom ROM’s to see whether it will further improve the usability of the product. After tweaking the above, battery life slightly improve but still not there yet. Expected more from a 2100mAh battery :)



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